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My free and clear home of 26 years has been stolen, ostensibly by a foreign bank trust company llc that the MN secretary of state confirms cannot conduct business, own property or access courts in Minnesota.


How ? You ask...that's the million dollar question-certainly not by following our Constitutions and laws...


On 1/17/2023 at about 1:15 PM a small army, in Ramsey County Deputy costumes pounded on my door, conducting an unlawful home invasion, threatening me; and by force of arms forcibly removed me, a disabled senior, under threat, duress and coercion, from my free and clear home of 26 years, making me homeless.

They claimed they were enforcing a court order, which they refused to show. I pointed out that they were enforcing unenforceable void judgments issued without jurisdiction.


I challenged jurisdiction, which has not been (and cannot be) proven; I challenged agency/authority of the dirty attorneys, since the unqualified fictitious plaintiff admits it never engaged them, and the Secretary of State confirms the unqualified fictitious plaintiff cannot conduct business, own property or access courts in Minnesota.


I pointed out that even a legitimate action, rather than a blatant theft like this, was time barred by the expiration of the statute of limitation in January 2016 (MN 336.3-118).

I persuaded the realtor to withdraw from the racketeering scheme so as not to face prosecution.


On 3/24/2023 dirty attorney Orin Kipp contacted me, threatening to trash my personal belongings. On the morning of 3/27/2023 I saw two thugs rifling through my property, with a dumpster in the driveway. I called the police dispatch, and the thugs fled in their trucks.


An officer Craig appeared and opined that the sight of a disabled senior parked across the street frightened the poor thugs, causing them to flee.

He tried to order me off the public street, and he labeled my robbery police report as unfounded. He seemed to feel that an unenforceable void judgment and a fake eviction (no landlord, no tenant, no debt) somehow meant I had no claim on my personal belongings.


A week later a neighbor confirmed that all my belongings were now gone.


I have fought this racketeering since the 10/11/2012 recording of a forged "assignment" in the land records, slandering my title from that date. I fended off a dozen or more unlawful foreclosure attempts before on 3/16/2017 narrowly surviving a near fatal stress induced aortic dissection that required 2 emergency open heart surgeries and left me permanently disabled, and also dealing with complex PTSD.


The court records, the docket, and the accounting records/money trail, all reveal the truth. Racketeering theft, falsely labeled a legal foreclosure, is just as ridiculous as labeling a dill pickle a chocolate bar...take a bite, discover the truth.


There's lots more, for all to see.

FBI Agent:   "Home Title Lock" and how homes are stolen  (1 minute video)

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Mille Lacs Lake

A native and life long Minnesotan, Tom Kibler will defend his home and inviolable asylum,  his unalienable rights endowed by God , and his dignity.

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