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Certificate of No Record

Deutsche Bank Nat. Trust

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No License to do  Business

Select Portfolio Servicing

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Housing-Eviction Court

Hearing Transcript 08/03/22

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Certificate of No Record

Long Beach Mort.Ln Trust

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District Court Hearing for Judgement of Foreclosure - Transcript 12/6/2021

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Housing-Eviction Court

Hearing Transcript 08/26/22

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October 12, 2022

Housing Court has taken the matter "under submission" giving pause before simply issuing a writ of eviction for Ramsey County Sheriff's Office to execute.  [Check soon for Case Update page].

Private Investigator and Expert Witness Uncovers:

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1-Select Portfolio Servicing aka SPS (formerly Fairbanks Capital, shuttered by HUD and the FTC for dishonest and deceptive predatory practices) which allowed their MN debt collector license to lapse FOUR YEARS AGO... in 6/2018 and thus has no business in any Minnesota court, even for a legitimate purpose);


2- A REMIC trust: Long Beach Mortgage Loan Trust 2005-WL2-which closed on 8/30/05 and terminated at the SEC on 1/6/06...making the forged assignment fabricated [MN 609.625] on 10/2/12 just months after the criminals promised to cease and desist forging docs to steal property in the 4/4/12 National Mortgage Settlement and recorded on 10/11/12 by Gary Evers in the land records in violation of [MN 609.64]  FROM a party with NO interest, TO a long closed and terminated trust; seven years too late!   Both impossible and illegal/unlawful!   All fraud.


3- Deutsche Bank National Trust Company -admits they are not a trustee to anything, all the REMIC trusts are empty shells and they rent out the use of their name to create the illusion that the fraudclosures appear legitimate;


An LLC calling itself Deutsche Bank National Trust Company/DBNTC (Deutsche Bank, and any/all subsidiaries of this Foreign Banking Organization are highly regulated), purporting to be a “trustee” (with no contract or trust agreement they are willing to show:), which in fact is not a bank, is not a trust company, is not a trustee, is not a beneficiary, is not recognized by the secretary of state in California, their claimed headquarters, or Delaware, their claimed state of organization, and is not registered to do business or appear in court in Minnesota (SOS Steve Simon provided me a certificate of non-recognition)...


DBNTC representatives admit they are just a holding company that merely “rents” the name out to foreclosure mills to enable fraudulent foreclosures by pettifogger shysters like Kevin. We imagine they get a cut when a stolen home is liquidated. Per [15 USC 1639a], A corporation cannot hold title. Per [15 USC 1692 e], A collector may not use any false, deceptive or misleading representation; Selling people’s notes without their authorization voids the note.


Another well adjudicated fact is that the National Bank Act is the supreme law of the land to national banks, and any state statute which attempts to authorize the exercise of a power or impose a liability not permitted by that act is a nullity. Per SCOTUS in [Farmers National Bank v. Dearing 91 US 29, Connolly v. Union Sewer Pipe Co. 184 US 540, 589, Dobbins v. Los Angeles 195 US 223, 237, Peoples Bank v. National Bank 101 US 181 and Cochran v. United States 157 US 286, National Bank v. Associates of Obstretrics,425 US 460, 461, Mercantile National Bank v. Langdeau 371 US 551, 561, Radzanower v. Touche Ross & Co. 426 US 148, 152, Cope v. Anderson 331 US 461, 467].


And, here’s a kicker: The Supreme Court of Indiana in [Heath v. Second National Bank of Lafayette 70 Ind. 106] ruled that “A national bank may purchase at a sheriff’s sale only land mortgaged to it in good faith, as security for a debt previously contracted.” This section 5187 has been litigated for well over one hundred years, and there have been scoreless appeals, all dismissed; in one the court stated “we are not at liberty to set aside an Act of Congress.”


These two fictitious plaintiffs: a fake trustee and a closed terminated trust, have no standing…in any court.

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  (pĕt′ē-fŏg′ər, -fô′gər)


1. A lawyer whose practice involves petty matters or who lacks sound legal judgment or skills.

2. One who quibbles over trivia.



n. Slang

An unethical, unscrupulous practitioner, especially of law.

[Probably alteration of German Scheisser, son of a bitch, bastard, from scheissen, to defecate, from Middle HighGerman schīzen, from Old High German skīzzan; see skei- in Indo-European roots.]

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BLACKS LAW, 4th Edition, 1891:

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The Free Dictionary online:

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